5 Classified Ads Sites That’ll Save You Money

5 Classified Ads Sites That'll Save You MoneyIf you’re already budgeting, investing, and saving as part of your personal finance routine, you can go the extra mile by shopping for reasonably priced used products via online classified ads sites.

While Craigslist is the site that most people immediately think of when it comes to free classified ads sites, there are other options that you can head to for competitive prices on used things.

Purchasing quality used merchandise not only will help you to save money, but also will help you to reduce the sort of waste that fills up landfills. Yes, buying used is a friendly eco-friendly option, which helps to account for why there are so many eco-friendly businesses sprouting up.

What follows is a rundown on 5 classified ads sites — other than the ubiquitous Craigslist, of course — that’ll save you money if you need a coat, a tablet, a television set, or anything else.


Like many other online classified ads sites, Geebo looks an awful lot like Craigslist in terms of the plain-Jane layout. It offers options in categories that include, but are not limited to, merchandise, construction/farm equipment, vehicles, and services. The company says that it goes the extra mile to make it easy for users to post ads and to the conduct searches.


If you visit Backpage.com, you’ll notice that the page layout is quite similar to that of Craigslist. It doesn’t attract the same sort of attention as does the site it seeks to replicate, but it is a good place to look for used stuff being sold for a bargain. Some reviews suggest that people in states like Texas and Arizona are particularly loyal to Backpage.com.


Oodle is an online marketplace where you’ll be able to find used stuff in a wide range of product categories. So if you’re looking for a classified ads site where you can purchase used merchandise, used cars, used motorcycles, used RVs, used boats, and more, check out Oodle.


What GSALR.com does is provide you with the opportunity to find garage sales near you. When you visit the site, you just need to enter whereabout you live, input the distance you’re willing to travel to get to garage sales, check out the listings containing times, dates, and pictures, and even print directions for the garage sales that interest you.


Sell.com has been around for quite a while, but it doesn’t have the name recognition of Craigslist. Over the years, the company’s expertise has helped power many large online marketplaces, including AT&T’s YellowPages Store, and so you can leverage this capability to find used stuff in and around your region at a discount.

The aforementioned list is just a sampling of sites that you can use to get the most for your hard-earned dollar. If you do your due diligence and take your time, you can get great, quality stuff for a fraction of the price of buying them new. Buying used definitely makes sense.

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