5 Money Making Ideas You Can’t Ignore


The period around Christmas and new year is always going to see your checking account taking a considerable battering.

In order to save money at times like this, it’s first necessary to have some extra to save. Follow our money-making tips below, and you’ll be well on your way to doing exactly that.

Sell sell sell!

You may well be sitting on a treasure trove of saleable goods and be unaware of it. Declare war on the detritus in your attic and determine what’s got value and what hasn’t.

If you’ve a large vinyl collection, old, forgotten or unused musical instruments (especially drum kits), then you could do worse than take these things to a garage sale or check out the prices such things are making online. Old furniture or even children’s toys (particularly mid-20 th century ones) can go for pretty prices, too.

Take in a lodger

If you’ve a spare room, then you’re better off giving it over to a paying lodger than hanging your damp laundry in there. So shift out the running machine, make the place habitable and start making some money out of it.

Check out old accounts

Though it sounds odd, there are billions languishing in forgotten bank and savings accounts. Is there an account in credit somewhere with your name on it? Even it’s a small amount (the most likely scenario) it is worth chasing it – everything adds up, after all.

There are websites which can help you trace lost funds. Google ‘tracking down money in lost accounts’ and see what you unearth.

Cashback sites

Unlikely though it may seem, you can actually make money by spending it online. Selected cashback websites will instantly pay you whenever you purchase products from selected online stores. Simply find a suitable cashback site for you and register.

Once you know what product you want, search by category or retailer and you’ll get redirected to the appropriate retailer’s site. Then you can purchase the searched-for product and be paid for it.

Rent out your home as a film location

You don’t have to own an echoing palace with so many rooms you couldn’t possibly visit them all in your lifetime to qualify for this: films and TV programmes take place more often than not in ‘ordinary’ homes, so yours could well be a moneymaker.

Still, if you’re particularly fond of a certain era and have decorated your home in accordance with that taste, your chances of having your living rooms chosen as the period setting for a great dramatic showdown are heightened no end.

There are online agencies who will put your home on a register and will only take a commission fee once you have been paid for the use of it.

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