Being Frugal By Recycling

Those who are frugal know a thing or two about saving money. Those who adhere to the frugal lifestyle are always looking for ways to keep more of their own money in their pocket. Every moment of every day they are naturally doing things that save them money. Being frugal is just a way of life for them. Here are some ways that the frugalists manage to save money.

Cans, Bottles & Paper

Frugalists are very good at recycling. Maybe not even for the sake of the environment, but for the sake for their wallets. Every time you buy a can of Pepsi you’re not just paying for the drink, you’re paying for the aluminum as well. So get some of your money back by saving your cans and taking them to a recycling center. You can do the same with plastic water bottles and in some places even paper. Imagine that, just keep your junk mail and newspapers and you can recycle them and even get a couple of bucks out of it.

Re-Using Items

You can find alternate uses for countless items. Let me give you a few examples. If you buy a new pair of shoes, don’t throw away the box. You can use the box to store old postcards, baseball cards or use it to store your shoes. If you buy a jar of pickles, don’t throw away that jar. Once the jar is empty, wash it thoroughly and remove the label. At this point, you can use it to store food items like almonds, rice or spices. You can also use it for decoration and add a plant or marbles in it. Finally, if you go to the store and they give you some plastic bags, use these in your trash cans rather than buying trash bags. You can also use plastic bags as dog waste bags. Next time you go to the store you can take the bags with so you won’t have to ask for any more bags.

Cell Phone Recycling

Cell phones really take a beating, which is why you typically replace your cell phone every couple of years. It’s’ no surprise why we need to upgrade. We stick them in our pockets or purses and use them constantly throughout the day. They hardly ever are off which means they don’t last you too long. Since cell phones are always in your pocket or purse, they get scratched by your keys. Not only that but with the way technology is advancing your cell phone becomes outdated soon after you buy it.

When you replace a cell phone, some throw their old phone away and buy a new one. But the frugalists don’t dare do such a thing. Those who are frugal know better. There are companies that will accept your old cell phone and recycle it for you. They won’t just keep the toxic chemicals from inside your cell phone away from our environment. They will actually pay you for your old phone. With a service like this, I know I can sell my phone to free up space, help the environment and get paid too.

If your cell phone is a popular phone and is relatively new, you can expect to get a good chunk of change. If your phone is a bit banged up they may fix it and sell it as a refurbished phone. Eventually your phone may end up in the hands of someone from a less developed country who can’t afford to buy a new phone.

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  1. Warford Designs

    we have focused so much on the reduce and recycle, but you are right we can also reuse so many items we put to the curb. Creativity is the key.

    I loved taht show Junk Brothers, they would drive around in the middle of the night scoring peoples curb side drop offs, then in the morning drop it back off completely transformed and fully usable in a new way.


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