Easy Ways To Turn Savings Into Investments


For many people, saving is an end in of itself. This is wrong. If you look at it with an unsentimental eye, saving, by itself, is self-defeating. Why? One word: inflation. You can be the world’s best saver but if you put your money in the bank, it will only rot-thanks to inflation. Inflation is a financial cancer that gradually erodes the value of your money.

As time passes, the same amount of cash buys less and less goods and services. This is a reality many savers are either ignorant about or willfully ignore. When it comes to your financial future, you can’t be an ostrich with its head buried in the sand. You have to confront the fact that inflation will eat up your savings if you put it in the bank. Instead, you have to convert your money from cash into assets that will appreciate in time and beat inflation.

Here are some easy ways to save money into investments. No, this guide won’t deal with typical investments like stocks or bonds. This guide focuses on investment roads less traveled.

Buy gold coins or gold ETFs regularly

Gold coins and gold exchange-traded funds are the most popular ways to buy gold. If you find yourself saving up a small pile of cash weekly or monthly, quickly buy gold coins or gold ETFs with the funds you have saved. You don’t have to save up a ton. There’s no shame in the game of saving and investing small.

The key here is not the amount per se, but the fact that you are doing this constantly. Turn cash that is guaranteed to lose value into gold or other precious commodities. Of course, you will have to store your gold in a safety deposit box at a bank. As for ETF’s you can keep these with your broker.

Buy comic books or other collectibles

The great thing about the sports trading card and comic book collectible markets is the fact that they are relatively well-developed. People can quickly buy and sell these items. So if you don’t feel like buying gold at the end of the month, you can scoop up comic books and other collectibles which already appreciated in value. Dont’ go for virgin items since their investment value hasn’t been proven yet. Instead, buy comics that have shown appreciation. This same advice can apply to any other item that appreciates with time like art.

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