Effective Ways To Cut Costs

– Pay your credit cards off. Nothing drains your finances more than high interest credit card debt. Consider getting rid of your cell phone, cable/satellite for a few months to pay off your cards.

– Improve your credit rating. Pay your bills on time and your credit score will go up. Next time you need credit,  you’ll get a lower interest rate.

– Buy it used. Buy used books and used movies. You can find these on ebay or amazon for just a couple of dollars, there’s no point in buying these items new.

– Quit drinking beer and smoking. Not only are these things highly unhealthy, but they’re expensive (heavily taxed) and are addictive as well.

– Downgrade your TV options. See if your carrier offers cheaper plans with less channels.

– Don’t drive too often. Discover your community. Find a local park or a local grocery store to cut the fuel costs.

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  1. Steve Stewart

    Thee are some good new years resolutions for 2012.

  2. Kylie Ofiu

    We are doing some of these. We already don’t drink, smoke or watch Tv, but have a small debt we have decided to clear asap and are throwing everything at it. It is amazing how much extra money we would have if we did not live with debt.

    Buying used is another good one. We also look out for free items in classifieds etc for what we want.

  3. Sandy @ Yes, I Am Cheap

    Cutting back can be so difficult. No one really wants to let go of convenience and luxury. But honestly, who needs 700 channels?

  4. Warford Designs

    it at times is a challenge to cut back but for the majority of things I have removed from my life, I do not miss them. and with the innovation of television shows and movies right on your pc there really is no reason for many households to even pay for cable anymore.


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