Frugal Minded Entertainment Ideas

You don’t have to break the bank to have a good time. Television commercials will have you believe you need to travel halfway around the world to enjoy yourself, that you need to visit Disney World or dine at a posh restaurant. But there are plenty low cost fun activities that you and your significant other or family can do on any given day. Here are some frugally minded entertainment suggestions.

Stay home

Staying at home sounds boring, but only if you do the same things you normally would do. Here are some new things you can do while at home. You can use your tablet to browse, download and read a new book. How about dusting off some old board games and playing together as a family. You could spend the day preparing a big dinner feast. Rent a movie from RedBox for just $1 for the night or see what’s new on Netflix. Other stay at home ideas include playing video games, listening to music, playing with the dog and pampering yourself with a bubble bath.


If you have a spending problem the mall might not be the best place for you. But the mall is a good place to go just to get out of the house. On hot days it’s a place to get free air conditioning. There are always interesting shops inside such as a pet store or an antique shop or some funny tshirt business. The mall is also a good place to go and people-watch.


Other than paying for gas and parking, the beach is a free activity that never gets old. You could take your bicycles and ride around enjoying the crowds, the view and the beach houses. If you want more action you can surf or use your boogie board in the water. You could also just lie down, relax, enjoy the breeze and get your tan on.


If there’s no beach nearby you could go camping instead. You could go hiking, climb a mountain or spend time by the lake. Grab some marshmallows, flashlights, extra food, sleeping bags and tents and you’re set.


Going to the movies is becoming more expensive. But it doesn’t have to be if you’re smart about it. Go in the daytime during the week to get the lowest priced tickets. Movies in 3-D cost more so if you’re not a fan of 3-D opt for the non-3D version at a lower rate. Skip the drinks, hot dog, candy, nachos and pop corn. You’re going to the movies to watch a movie, not to pig out on unhealthy and extremely expensive food.


The local county fair goes on every year for a couple of months. It’s usually an inexpensive way to enjoy some rides that you’d normally have to fork over 50 bucks a person for. There’s also fun games, loads of food and plenty of people watching.

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