Negotiating Your Credit Card Debt

If you have a car loan, there’s very little you can do to get theme to change your payments. While they may work with you, they don’t have to. The reason is that they have collateral. If you miss a few payments, say goodbye to your new car. Credit card debt, however, is different. There is no collateral, the credit card company has very little leverage to force you to pay. Now that doesn’t mean you should purposefully refuse to pay them, but, like most financial organizations, as long as you communicate with them, you will have some room to negotiate.

Here’s how you can get a lower rate on your current credit cards. Do some research first and find out what other companies are offering, in terms of non-introductory interest rates. Now that you have this information you can contact your credit card company and ask for a lower rate. Let them know what their competition is offering. You can be nice to them and let them know you would rather stay with them, but the other offers you’re getting are too good to pass up and you wanted to give them the opportunity to keep your business.

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    great advise on lowering your credit rate. I will surely take this to the table. thanks.


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