The Top Four Most Competitive Financial Careers

Accounting and finance jobs are ranked amongst the top ten hardest jobs to fill. It seems that employees are having difficulty finding strong enough candidates to fill their positions, although it doesn’t help that, on average, they require around seven years work experience. The positions that have been identified as the hardest and most competitive to fill are: controllers, tax managers, fund and senior-level accountants and valuation analysts. Here is a bit of information about what they involve and what you need in order to succeed in these positions:


Controllers work for banks, corporations and governments and are responsible for keeping the company’s financial planning, debt financing and budget management organized. They choose the accounting methods, set financial rules and make sure that generally accepted accounting principles are followed.
The education required for a controller, is a master’s degree with a concentration in finance or accounting, as well have a Certificate from the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants.  Most employees like controller job candidates to have five to ten years of experience, but once you have this you could be earning an average salary of £37,954 out of the jobs still available in the UK.

Tax Managers

Tax Managers oversee tax reporting and planning. They make sure tax returns are completed and accurate in order to reduce the tax obligations of an organization. It is their job to ensure that their companies adhere to local, national and international laws.

Most employees prefer at least five years’ experience, but senior positions typically require seven years in public and corporate environments, the key to success for tax managers is specialization in the field.

Fund and Senior-Level Accountants

Fund and Senior-Level Accountants examine financial trends, operations and costs. They analyse financial reports to keep a close eye on profits and losses, taxes owed and financial activities. In this field you need to have an accounting degree in addition to a minimum of two or five years of work experience. If you are applying for a job in this sector, you could be looking at an average salary of £53,231.

Valuation Analysts

A valuation analyst determines the value of a business enterprise or the ownership’s interest – for example, when a business is bought or sold. In this area, you need to have a strong mathematical background.

It is clear in this industry that as well as having a strong education, many employees desire specific real world experience, as well as candidates who have mastered “soft skills” such as the capability to communicate.

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