Ways Coupon Clubs Save You Money

In the today’s plunging economy, families and do all they can to save money. Cutting down on luxuries, sticking to a tight budget, even forgoing the yearly family vacation are all measures consumers take to save a little money. Couponing has become a way of life for some, and those who know the rules can get amazing, jaw-dropping deals on food and household supplies. More recently, coupon clippers are creating and joining coupon clubs to meet others interested in saving money. It is a trend that helps build a community and keep more cash in the consumer’s pocket.

Coupon Clubs and Swaps

Coupon clubs and swaps are popping up all over the country. Coupon clippers meet in a public location, clip and organize their coupons, and swap discounts on items they need. These clubs allow members to exchange unusable coupons for those that will save them money.

Plenty to Go Around

Companies provide coupons to consumers in many ways, whether through the newspaper, the internet, or through the mail. However, an overwhelming number of coupons go to waste. A household with no children will have no need for diaper coupons, while a family of four may not need discounts on alcoholic beverages.

Typically, the best deals come in bulk, but only if a shopper has enough coupons for the purchase. Buying only one newspaper on Sunday means that only one coupon will be available for a product purchase. By joining a coupon club, members can receive multiple coupons to use on multiple items. When a shopper can buy a box of cereal for $0.50, she can maximize savings through buying several boxes at the rock bottom price. If one family can’t use that many boxes of cereal, the extra can go to someone in the club.

Store Sponsored Coupon Clubs

Coupons clubs may also have a relationship with their local grocery stores. Generally, these stores have unadvertised sales not available in their flyers. A coupon club may be privy to the products not advertised, and members will get an opportunity to save 50 to 70% on these products.

Share the Load

Coupon clubs can also provide members with the most recent deals at local stores. It can be difficult to know what which coupons are available, what stores will accept them, and which products are on sale. With many different stores in a local area, searching the sales flyers and comparing available coupons can be time consuming. With many members in a coupon club, there are more people searching for deals and sharing with the group as a whole. This means that when the sale flyers come out for the week, members view the sales, any coupons that may be associated with the sale products, and any special instructions for receiving discounts. This allows shoppers to prepare their shopping list and available coupons prior to heading to the store, saving not only money but also time.

Joining a coupon club allows members to socialize with other money-minded consumers and in turn, work together to find the best deals available, saving shoppers money and time.

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