5 Home Improvements That Help Your Home Sell

In times when the housing market is down like it is now, it can be real difficult to sell your home. Since there are so many houses for sale right now the only ones that sell are the ones who are posted for well below market value. Think about it, with so many foreclosed homes being sold right now, why would someone want to buy your house for more money?

There is so much inventory on the market right now that a buyer can be real picky about which home they want to move in to. So you’ll want to make sure your house looks nice and is for the buyer to move right on in.

Due to the bad economy, a buyer most likely barely got approved for a loan and is not in a position to do major upgrades to their new house. They also need to move in fast, as they are probably paying rent somewhere else and can’t afford making two house payments. This means that the house you have for sale must be move-in ready.

If you don’t want to lower the price of your home you’ll have to improve it. Yet at the same time you don’t want to break the bank doing it. Instead, you can opt to do these 5 relatively cheap home improvements to spruce up the look of your house.


Painting the interior of the house is important. It will make the house look clean. It will make the room look bigger. It will give the appearance that the house is germ-free. Choose neutral colors. Everybody has different personal tastes, so you don’t want to choose a color you really like and end up alienating any buyers. Light colors work best, either light blue, white beige or gray.


Windows are responsible for the majority of a home’s energy inefficiency. So, get rid of any thick curtains that cover windows. Open them up as bright houses look better and look bigger. Replace your windows with energy efficient windows. You may be able to get a tax break (either state and/or federal) for your purchase and the buyer will save on home heating / cooling costs.

Front door

Curb appeal is how you can make a good first impression. The front door is a big part of that. Think of it as your teeth and you want your house to have a really good smile. Spend some money on a nice entry door and you’ll see more people on your next open house.

Attic / basement

If your house has an attic or a basement it most likely will not sway a buyer to pick your home. However, if you convert these into a spare bedroom that changes everything. Everyone has family that sometimes might stay over and having a spare guest room could give you that edge over other homes.


It has been said that the kitchen is the most important room in the house. It’s a space where most families tend to spend the most amount of time. It’s the spot where families get together first thing in the morning or for dinner. Cabinet space and up to date appliances are crucial. Often times it is women who are ultimately going to decide whether they like the house or not, and the kitchen is the one thing that weighs on their decision the most.

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  1. great real estate advise on flipping your home fast. thanks for this one. I really enjoy your writing.

  2. it is amazing how a fresh coat of paint and a few other minor repairs can really increase the value of your house for sale.

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