8 Small Ways To Save Money Today

Saving money a lot of the time is about making a lot of small choices that add up over time. Many of these choices can be relatively easy to incorporate into your budget and lifestyle. It doesn’t have to be hard to save; you just have to be dedicated to doing it and doing it right. So we’ve put together a list of 8 easy ways for you to start saving money while learning some long lasting techniques to have a more financially sound life.

1. Cook at Home

For many people, the cost of eating out several times a week or more can be one of the biggest drains on their budget. Instead of eating out all the time, start cooking at home. It will allow you to save money and to start eating healthier too.

2. Coffee Shop

Relegate Starbucks to an occasional treat rather than a daily expense. Coffeehouse drinks can be quite expensive and can add up quickly if you are going every day to buy them. As an example: $4.50 (average cost of a latte at Starbucks) x 7 (days) x 4 (weeks) = a whopping $126 a month. Instead of spending all that money every month, relegate coffees to once or twice a week and save $100 a month!

3. Brown Bag It

Lunch can be another easy way for you to save a little extra money by bringing a homemade lunch to work rather than going out for lunch. Even if you eat out once or twice a week you will be saving an estimated $25-$30 a week, so make the choice to brown bag it and save.

4. Buy in Bulk

Shopping trips to the local Costco or discount warehouse can help to save you money by buying in a bulk. Keep in mind that not everything sold at those kinds of places are a deal, but items such as toilet paper, cosmetics/toiletries and non-perishable foods are often sold in bulk prices that are significantly lower than retail prices.

5. Save Energy and Weatherize Your Home

A great way to cut down your utility bill and save money is to have your home or apartment weatherized as well as switching to energy saving appliances and energy efficient light fixtures. There are a number of government sponsored programs that help you to do this for free if you income qualify.

6. Pay Your Debt Off Sooner

Your debt accumulates interest the longer it goes unpaid, making you pay more for longer periods of time. Instead of paying the minimum or a little over that each month, pay them off as soon as you can. This will save you more money and allow you to have a slight cushion if an emergency pops up such as a vehicle repair or a medical issue.

7. Avoid Late Fees

Paying late can affect your credit rating, your standing with the lender and cause you to have to pay exorbitant late fees that can add up very quickly. To save yourself the added expense and aggravation, pay your bills on time, every time.

8. Get Rid of the Home Phone

Nearly 90% of all adults and teenagers have cell phones nowadays, so the land line isn’t as necessary as it once was. Rather than pay for a phone that is basically redundant, get rid of your home phone and use you cell phone for keeping in touch with the people in your life.

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