How To Think Your Way To More Income

How To Think Your Way To More Income

How To Think Your Way To More Income

You are what you think. How many times have you heard that saying? Don’t think that just because you keep hearing it or reading it online that this repetition in someway weakens the truth it contains. It was true when you first heard it, it is true now. How you look at the world influences how you act in the world and what place you see yourself taking in the world.

There are certain ways of thinking that can help boost your income and personal finances. These ways of thinking boost your willpower to enthusiastically look for better-paying jobs and doing well in them. They also push you to think beyond your immediate needs and start building a future.

Take Responsibility

Surprise surprise-everything you are today is a product of somebody’s choices-yours! If you feel your life is going great, congratulate yourself for a job well-done in making the right decisions. If you feel that certain things are missing in your life, or you are not getting as much out of life as you could, take ownership of the fact that you chose this life for yourself.

I know it may seem painful, but we all choose our lives. We make decisions that produce the lives we are living now. If we are unhappy in any way, this just means we have to make different decisions, so we produce different results. The key thing to realize is that your decisions are powerful. If you can choose to be unhappy, you can choose to be happy. If you have been choosing to have very little cash left at the end of every month, you can choose to have more leftover.

You have to keep focusing on that central truth-you have the power to choose and your choices have consequences. Choose to save more money. Choose to spend less. Choose to invest more. In other words, take responsibility and be conscious that you are always making choices. This is a key part in decidng to make better choices.

Don’t blame others

Let’s face it, it feels good to blame other people. It takes the heat off of us and puts it on others. We don’t have to feel bad because we just got victimized by other people’s decision. We don’t have to change because we are not at fault. The problem with blaming others for bad decisions in our lives that have resulted in a life that is less than happy or optimal is that we are destroying our ability to take responsibility for our lives.

For example, if you blame your spouse for ‘wasting’ your paycheck every month, you are relieving yourself of the responsibility of coming to an agreement with your spouse as to how household income will be spent and saved. Take ownership of your decisions. Don’t pass the blame on others. This is the only you can focus your personal power into making the right personal finance decisions. Nobody else will set up and follow a financial plan for you-you have to do it.

Work toward long-term personal finance goals

It’s way too easy and to spend our money now and enjoy its benefits. Who wouldn’t want to feel good now, right? The problem is we spend all our income now, we will have very little left for the future. The key to effective personal financial planning is to realize and accept that plans for the future must be funded by sacrifices made today. Instead of spending and enjoying the money now, we invest it for the future. In other words, we’re just pushing forward the date of when we’ll enjoy our money. The good news is that the more you push your enjoyment into the future, the greater and longer-lasting it would be.

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