How To Make An Impact With A Voicemail

How To Make An Impact With A Voicemail

How To Make An Impact With A Voicemail

In today’s world, a lot of the communication that is done in business can be handled with an email or a text message. Yet if you are seeking to get close to customers or vendors, there really is no substitute for spending time talking to them on the phone. Of course, that presumes that they are actually there, an important part of making business happen.

When they aren’t and you need to leave a message, there are some things that you can do that will ensure that you will avoid any snafus that will lessen the chances that you will not get called back.

Here are some tips to help you make an impact with your next voice mail:

Review Your Authority Before You Start

When you talk to older sales people, you will hear a lot about different techniques that they use to create the perfect voicemail. Yet some of that boils down to the notion that a solidly delivered message that resonates with the expert or professional authority that you have will command attention. So think through the opportunity before you call and remind yourself of why you are the expert and how you expect to be able to help your client. Then pick up the phone and dial.

Less Is More

Although people will throw out phrases like short-winded and succinct, in most cases you want to shape your message so that you are delivering a crisp message that does not divulge too much information that can be thought through and potentially discarded.

In most cases, 10 to 15 seconds is about all you should need to leave your information and a brief message that should lead to a callback.

Content Is King

When you learn to create a compelling message, your results should improve if you are cold calling or looking for opportunity. What goes into a compelling message is an idea of the promise that your product, service, or your talent can deliver to the client. If you are calling to leave a message for an important vendor, compelling often takes the form of leaving a hint about the opportunity at hand so that they know you are someone that they definitely want to contact. If you are applying for a position, the same concept holds, try to work a brief statement in that is tied to your experience that will let them know something important about you without making it seem obvious.

Smiles Everyone

If you have been in business for a while, you are probably used to seeing salespeople with mirrors near their desk so that they can remember to smile before they pick up the phone and dial someone. The importance of remembering to relax and project friendly cannot be discounted. Yet it is oftentimes just as important to look at the tone of your voice when you leave a message. For that reason, it isn’t a bad idea to practice each week and leave some messages in your own mailbox and review them before you get started calling. You might be surprised at how much more careful you are at projecting precisely the right voice when you call.

The World Is Your Classroom

Unless you are actively enrolled in business courses that teach phone skills, it isn’t always easy to find examples of the perfect message and tone without spending some time online researching it. You can do this and also remember to expand your horizons to the world of television. Strange as it may sound, a lot of business transactions that are done on television shows help people that are in the business world to see what the norms are when they are first starting out. The important thing as you learn is to remember to be yourself and use the best information that you gather.

Voicemail remains a powerful way to initiate relationships and keep communications strong. By spending some time to actively ensure that you are doing the best possible job that you can when you leave a voicemail, your results should be very positive.

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